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Engagement Models

Testing Services Engagement Models for optimum benefits

As your testing partner, we leverage our testing experience, expertise and knowledge to deliver the highest quality test services and output. We provide ‘independent’ test services irrespective of industry, geography and public/private sector by designing an engagement model that works best for your business. You can choose a model that is exclusive or a combination of all available options:

Engagement Model

  • Consulting:Specific consulting engagements that provides professional support and access to extensive domain expertise to help improve test efficiency.
  • Project work:Individual projects that help you take advantage of skilled resources and domain expertise at simplified pricing structure.
  • Test Factory:Centralized testing centers that offer automated testing service, bringing together people and infrastructure into a shared services model
  • QCoE:Quality center of excellence integrates people, process, and technology to deliver robust quality assurance framework. It can be either setup for your specific needs, or you can avail our Virtual Quality Center of Excellence (vQCoE).

Sourcing Model

  • Co-ownership:Shared ownership model where we are equally invested and responsible for the testing activities as well as the outcomes and results.
  • Managed Services:Output based model where we assume complete responsibility of day-to-day test management activities and ensure delivery excellence as per SLAs.
  • Testing as a Service (TaaS): Usage based pricing model where testing activities are performed by us and provided as a service. A cost-effective model that gives you the flexibility to pay as you use.

Delivery Model

  • Onsite test center: Our testing experts are positioned at your place of business and provide software testing services right from your location. This provides greater transparency and easier communication leading to higher quality output at a faster pace.
  • Offshore test center: Our testing experts provide services from our offshore location and all testing is carried out at our location. A cost efficient delivery models that gives you access to our considerable infrastructure facilities and skilled resources.
  • Onshore test center:These are our testing centers that are located close to your place of business. This provides independent testing solution from a nearby test center that provides access to high end facilities and gives you flexibility to scale resources up or down as per project requirement. We also have US Rural sourcing centers, close to university areas in smaller towns.

Commercial Models

  • Fixed Price Contract:Pricing is independent of time and resources expended on the project. A fixed price is decided upon complete understanding of project requirements and deliverables. This is most beneficial to you when costs and risks are known well in advance.
  • Time and Material (T&M) Contract: Pricing is directly computed on actual resources cost usually calculated on an hourly basis and actual material cost. Many times these contracts come with an upper limit to prevent these contracts from overshooting the budget.
  • Output/Outcome based pricing: A next-generation pricing model where the pricing is based on pre-agreed outcomes and can be assessed objectively by both parties. In this model, we share equally in your ‘pain’ as well as ‘gain’


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