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Metrics Management Framework

Comprehensive metrics framework for streamlined testing

Software testing gains rigor and focus through accurate measurement of product quality and process quality metrics. Well-defined, relevant and simple metrics help you improve processes and outcomes through the entire product development and testing lifecycle, while ensuring adequate risk mitigation. This is imperative in light of increasing business and cost pressures which require management to do more with less.

TechArcis metrics framework enables you to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs), which set the benchmark and standards for testing services. We also provide the right mechanism to measure these KPIs and monitor the SLAs. Leveraging our framework, you can define and manage product, process and project effectiveness and efficiency metrics to systematically measure and control the progress and quality of your testing efforts. Our metrics framework also facilitates continuous improvements based on your overall business goals.

metrics_managementProcess quality metrics: These metrics enable you to assess the efficiency and performance of your testing processes by using a wide range of metrics. These include process efficiency metrics such as test progress curve (S curve), test scores progress curve (S curve), phase wise and component wise cost of testing, test execution/automation productivity trends, and average defect turnaround/response time.

Process effectiveness metrics include overall and component wise test coverage, defect removal efficiency, requirement volatility index, failed test cases, and cost of quality.

Product quality metrics: Our team helps measure the quality of your software products in-process as well as at the end of the development cycle, and takes necessary steps to engineer product excellence. Some of the key metrics you can track include testing defect arrival rate, quality quotient trends, component sensitivity analysis, defects severity distribution, and showstoppers’ trends.


Partner with us: Leverage the following key advantages

  • Streamline your operations, and establish a software quality measurement culture across your enterprise
  • Choose relevant and adequate metrics that enable you to assess the most significant and critical aspects of your testing projects for improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Integrate relevant tools such as daily time tracking, defect tracking , and code coverage into the testing process to generate essential measurement data
  • Harness the defined metrics to accurately measure cost, quality, speed and reliability of testing service delivery
  • Once your quality measurement processes reach adequate maturity levels, adopt more relevant metrics dynamically, to gather more information for further testing improvements
  • Gain a big picture view of your testing efforts and results based on measurement metrics and other qualitative indicators

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