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QA Dashboards

Metrics based dashboards for better QA across the lifecycle

In an increasingly demanding testing landscape, managing and ensuring high quality testing performance requires accurate and efficient reporting. It is also essential that the right and relevant information along with actionable conclusions are captured in the form of reports and dashboards, for smart decision-making by senior level management.


Test reports:

TechArcis helps you create a wide range of quality reports on various aspects of testing, as well as gain a high-level, consolidated view of testing efforts and performance through smart dashboards.

You can generate comprehensive and accurate reports with multiple layers of detail which include individual test runs, aggregated results for test milestones, as well as project level reports. These include graphs and statistics relating to your issues, tests and runs.

Metrics-based Dashboards

Our predefined metrics and customizable dashboards present a centralized view of your testing quality at the application level as well as the project level. These dashboards show the overall quality of testing within the organization through defect statistics, backlog, repair latency, as well as indicate your response to enhancement requests. This frees up the bandwidth of testing personnel and enables them to focus on core activities, while collating metrics for improved governance.

We enable you to build an enterprise-wide ‘quality culture,’ which makes every individual in the organization, from the CIO and senior executives to individual testers a stakeholder in the quality assurance process.

  • Our QA dashboards are designed to involve the senior management in your quality efforts, as well as help them gain greater visibility into testing processes.
  • They link all stakeholders, and provide a business and operational view of your testing performance, along with actionable information for quickly addressing variances and quality issues.
  • These dashboards are an integral part of end-to-end performance management and measurement of your testing projects


MagnaQ (MQ) Quality Dashboards

MQ-Quality Dashboard is TechArcis innovation and methodology to establish a quality culture across the organization and empower CIOs, developers and testers alike to get meaningful insights into testing and various metrics available in the test management systems. MQ-Quality Dashboard focuses on business priorities, and provides a metrics and management framework for teams to take timely actions. It helps position testing as an integral function for the organization. The dashboard also provides insightful information on application and product quality.

Partner with us: Reduce time and effort, improve governance

Our test reports and QA dashboards provide better visibility into your testing measurement and reporting metrics, and enable you to manage your testing programs more efficiently.

  • Generate custom reports and plug them to dashboards using our flexible reporting framework
  • Customize granularity as per requirement, and report progress of testing processes in a simple, accurate and structured manner
  • Gain complete visibility into processes across tests, defects and tasks, as well as test execution results and analysis
  • Capture and view vital metrics in real time, across all your projects for a unified view to help visualize and monitor QA progress
  • Plan and implement proactive preventive or corrective actions based on reporting and analytics
  • Ensure the privacy of test data and statistics


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