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US Rural Sourcing

Harnessing rural sourcing for better business results

A growing number of U.S. businesses are fast realizing the benefits of domestic sourcing. Several advantages such as competitive labor, similar time zones, language and cultural alignment are pushing organizations to consider rural sourcing for their testing and QA processes. Rural sourcing provides more cost-effective options as compared to all onsite sourcing, and at the same time ensures greater flexibility and certainty.

Driven by our strong focus on creating and retaining jobs in the US, we have established rural testing centers in university towns of Georgia, to begin with. These centers offer better understanding of US-based businesses, robust testing solutions, as well as agile and expert teams comprising high-caliber testing professionals.

We have developed a well-structured resource acquisition and management strategy to hire and train local talent in secondary cities, and nurture and enhance their testing skills and capabilities. Long-term partnerships with local universities and institutions enable us to meet these goals effectively.

We provide a complete suite of software testing services from planning and development, to project completion and evaluation as part of our rural services pack, for maximized value and cost savings.

Partner with us: Leverage your local talent

Rural sourcing is an integral element of our global delivery network. With our standard delivery mechanism and best practices, we seamlessly integrate our delivery centers in the US and overseas to deliver greater efficiencies for our clients. By leveraging our rural services offerings, you can enjoy the following key advantages:

  • Certified test engineers, who are part of our rural testing teams
  • Higher levels of interaction and greater availability due to same time zones
  • Flexible pricing options including project-based onsite rates
  • Ability to scale and customize solutions and services to meet customer needs and demanding schedules
  • Local professionals who work alongside onsite consultants and engineers to provide the best solutions and maximum support
  • Rural outsourcing services aligned with global delivery models for delivery excellence and tighter quality control

We’re focused on delivering high value added engagements with measurable returns on your investment. To find out how you can leverage our rural testing centers for maximum ROI and greater flexibility. Talk to us today

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