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DevTestOps & CI Testing Solutions

With the large number of applications being developed, deployment process of apps should be abridged and rapid. Today, we have shorter release cycles and most of the times we have daily builds and releases. Manual deployment will increase the entire process of development, testing and deployment. Hence, implementing CI practice within testing is something which has taken a very fast and paradigm shift. Though the process and approach each company follows vary, CI concept of automated build process & deployment has changed the perspective of typical entire SDLC to Agile – DevOps.

devops & agile

Everyone calls it DevOps but we call it DevTestOps. The goal of testing in DevOps is to perform these validations by carrying out appropriate continuous integration, functional, performance tests. This requires that applications be tested every time they are delivered (continuous integration and delivery).Continuous integration ensures that the changes made are appropriate and can be successfully tested, built and deployed. Continuous Integration is responsible for continuous delivery, the practices to maintain your application in such a state where the application is always ready to deploy with every change into production.

TechArcis implements CI Best Practices

  • Manage source code using version control product
  • Version all test scripts and configuration files
  • Enable triggering of builds from command line
  • Commit (at least once a day) & Integrate Frequently
  • Use a central binary repository, make it easy to obtain build and test results
  • Automate Deployment
  • Conduct early and frequent tests for early detection of bugs. This process helps refine the automated test suite for further enhancements


Maintaining this process without automation makes it difficult and expensive for most of the organizations. So in order to effectively detect changes and consequently execute the script which compiles, downloads, tests, packages, and deploys the application automation is the best approach. It reduces the cost dramatically and helps to maintain high quality applications and add robustness. Some of the key benefits with the implementation of CI in test automation are listed below:

  • Early Defect Detection
  • Involve all the stakeholders at early stage
  • Instant feedback on quality and functionality
  • End to end solution
  • Reduce Assumptions
  • Brings Quality Assurance

Benefits of DevOps Testing

There are more than 17 different methods that describe DevOps while around 30 tools that support it. So, DevOps provides a wide array of advantages. It helps leading organizations to interact effectively with the development and operation teams to ensure speed and quality. These are the two important factors that help an organization stay ahead of thecompetition.

The numerous advantages of DevOps

  • DevOps is based on Agile principles and thus ensures faster software development. You can go to themarket faster market and deliver frequently.
  • It allows you to release new features for your product as per your suitability.
  • It is helpful in reducing your overall IT budgetasstability can be brought through a single teamlooking after development as well as IT operations.
  • It helps various different teams in the organization – business, development, and operations – to work together efficiently.
  • It provides complete transparency so that business decisions can be made easily.
  • It removes the need of two separate teams for development and operations. With the help of DevOps, a single team can achieve the stability of the system.
  • It is effective in identifying and rectifying faults faster.

Why to Choose Us

At Techarcis, we focus on different aspects of automation, integration, collaboration, and communication so that we can remove any hurdles in the software development process. Our DevOps solution brings together IT operations, quality assurance, and software development so that we can produce software related products and services in no time to enhance the performance of different operations.

We are known for making standardize efforts. Our DevOps testing guarantees faster time to market. We have a dedicated team of very experienced and seasoned experts who can effectively perform Continuous Integration testing and are proficient in configuring and using modern-age CI tools like Cruise Control, Agile Go, Microsoft TFS, Chef Puppet, Bamboo, Jenkins, and Hunson etc.

We provide a wide range of services like given below:

  • Orchestration Solution with automated test
  • QA implementation for DevOps
  • DevOps Assessment for maturity and readiness
  • Tools Recommendation and Feasibility

Our team of experts assesses your organization’s present environment for the adoption of DevOps tools and processes. We use standardize processes, tools, and framework in DevOps System. We provide uninterrupted computerized solutions to ensure uninterrupted testing and faster delivery.

We’re focused on delivering high value added engagements with measurable returns on your investment. Let us show you how our agile testing solutions coupled with DevTestOps and Continuous integration process can help you gain competitive advantage. Talk to us today

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