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End-to-End Test Strategy

A collaborative software testing strategy for better results

Testing is no longer an isolated, standalone process. It is a collaborative exercise involving the application development team, software architects, the testing group, release management teams as well as end users. A holistic testing strategy is therefore an imperative to drive testing projects on time and within budgets.

Organizations need to transform their testing practice into a strategic value center to realize maximum results and returns. This demands standardization of processes, tools and methodologies, as well as effective software quality assurance models. A robust test engagement structure along with a test governance team aligned with business goals can deliver testing excellence.

To achieve these objectives, TechArcis provides an end-to-end testing strategy that anchors all the essential factors influencing and driving testing. You can leverage our complete testing suite including tools, methods, delivery models, and measurement metrics to strengthen quality management system, as well as manage organizational structure.


You have control over the type of tests to be performed and also the ability to apply the right entry and exit criteria, based on development design documents. Our team supports you in this exercise by providing:

  • Effective test methodologies and definitions
  • Test types, test environments, and comprehensive test repositories
  • Suitable defect handling procedures and defect tooling approach
  • Execution best practices and enhanced automation strategy

Collaborating with your team enables us to transform testing and quality management from siloed and disconnected processes into a shared responsibility. Testing and quality assurance processes are seamlessly integrated into every stage of software development lifecycle (SDLC). The end result? Product risks of stakeholders can be mitigated at the test level efficiently, paving way for high quality applications and end-user satisfaction.


Partner with us: Build a strategic approach to testing

Our comprehensive testing strategy helps you control and manage all the phases of testing process effectively in today’s distributed and heterogeneous business environment. By leveraging our expertise, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Plan, develop, monitor, update and manage your end-to-end test strategy effortlessly
  • Implement consistent, repeatable software testing and quality processes, thereby reducing risk and rate of failure, while accelerating time to value and time to market
  • Identify gaps in existing testing processes and make adequate improvements for optimum ROI
  • Establish a sustainable testing hub comprising efficient and knowledgeable teams, who offer relevant technical skill sets and competencies as well as the right business acumen
  • Build collaboration across key teams in the enterprise to improve and strengthen testing
  • Identify and adopt the best available tools and methods that suit your requirements and budget, and help deliver expected outcomes
  • Plan and implement the right delivery models and approaches for maximized efficiency and reduced costs

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