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Test Environment Management

Optimal test environments for greater accountability

A well-controlled test environment is a key component of a strong testing infrastructure. It necessitates effective configuration, utilization and automation. However, many organizations contend with lack of dedicated test environment teams, leading to quality issues and poor applications. Often test environments are not optimal or do not simulate production scenarios, thereby passing on bugs and defects to the production environments. Testing teams struggle to manage multiple concurrent versions of hardware, middleware and systems under test. Consolidating or tracking assets for adequate utilization is yet another challenge.

Full life cycle delivery and support enables you to reduce costs, improve time to market and enhance efficiencies.

Test Environment Management


TechArcis provides best in class dedicated managed services for test environment management, delivering significant cost benefits and optimized utilization of assets by up to 30-40%. We provide standardized processes and automated frameworks for managing the complete spectrum of operations and activities – configuring infrastructure, monitoring environments, managing incidents, handling releases and security aspects as well as test data management. Our experts provide optimal full lifecycle delivery and support along with integrated tools. We collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive analysis of your existing capabilities, activities and processes, as well as toolsets to improve your testing practices, and to address the challenges and requirements of your desired future-state. Our centralized documentation processes enable relevant referencing and data analysis.

TechArcis offers customized test environments with a complete package of devices, infrastructure, software and configuration. With our fit-for-purpose test environments, you can tackle the challenge of replication and demand easily. We also enable you to build a program governance team who can strengthen test environment management through uniform methodologies and processes across the enterprise. By leveraging our governance models you can effectively control processes and streamline workflows. Our solutions facilitate secure networks, comprehensive databases, reliable application server and software, and right test data to help accelerate go to market by up to 30%.

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By leveraging our expertise and cutting edge tools and techniques, you can build and maintain secure and optimal test environments. Key advantages include:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs and lead time in provisioning infrastructure, and increase time to release
  • Build and manage the right environment, control change, and implement customized support practices
  • Create a systematic test environment lifecycle defined by key activities including design, build, manage, refresh and reuse
  • Ensure improved availability, predictability and serviceability of test environments
  • Implement best practices that enable you to transform current testing model to best in class test environment model
  • Accelerate software application releases and enhance team productivity by automating delivery and support.
  • Build and implement a test environment capability transformation roadmap that best fits your business objectives and goals.

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