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Lifecycle Testing Solutions

Mitigate risks with comprehensive lifecycle testing

The conventional sequential model of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) incorporates testing at a much later stage, often resulting in increased errors and less than optimum results. The final testing phases in the SDLC might fail to detect flaws and bugs comprehensively leading to application performance issues, dissatisfied end users and additional expenses in fixing the defects. Furthermore, organizations need to manage tight production timelines, gather business requirements accurately, outline development steps, and define and track test flows systematically. All of these objectives can be addressed effectively by adopting lifecycle testing.

Effective lifecycle testing serves as a lifeline for application development projects. This comprehensive approach enables organizations to save costs and effort by detecting performance bottlenecks early in the cycle, and substantially reducing risk of software defects and failure.

At TechArcis, we facilitate core activities under lifecycle testing including test assessment and planning, test design and execution, test reporting as well as test tools and processes management.

Test assessment and planning:

Our team enables you to evaluate your existing testing skills, processes, strategies and tools, as well as determine gaps, defects and project overruns. By leveraging our accelerator toolkit, you can work on these weaknesses, and implement changes that improve your testing performance substantially.


Test design:

We offer end-to-end test design services to generate, review and execute a comprehensive and effective test plan. You can bank on our holistic approach to create test modules, identify the scope and techniques for each module, as well as decide the optimum level of test specification. You can thus implement testing based on your specific test case format.

Test execution:

Our flexible and adaptable test execution tools and techniques are tailored to different types of test projects and their requirements. We facilitate various types of testing including unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing, and operability testing.

Test reporting:

Our experts support you in preparing the final presentation of the test results including test progress report, test level report, as well as test summary report. Program level results can be fed into top level status reports, providing a holistic view of the technical performance and deficiencies of the testing projects.

Test process management and tools selection:

We help you adopt a project management approach to plan and execute the whole range of test project activities, and meet targeted goals at every stage. We also enable you to access commercial and open source testing tools – from integrated software quality suites, testing transformation tools, and mobility and packaged applications to handle end-to-end testing and QA activities.

Partner with us: Enhance the quality of your SDLC

The wide spectrum of our integrated lifecycle testing solutions addresses all aspects of your test planning, execution, tracking and analysis requirements across the SDLC. We provide the following key benefits:

  • Improve and accelerate SDLCprocesses with a range of relevant and suitable tools
  • Adopt a systematic approach to handling every stage of testing for maximized results. Generate a reliable test plan by factoring in specific needs and objectives of each project.
  • Effective defect analysesthrough the lifecycle to assess test effectiveness, system stability and test coverage
  • A robust roadmap for improving testing health with a holistic view of organizational systems and business goals

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