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Test Assessment and Planning

Comprehensive assessment strategies to enhance testing capabilities

Robust assessment models and strategies are imperative to establishing a mature and competent testing function. They help evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of testing processes and systems, develop a reliable test strategy, and improve test practices.

TechArcis offers a proven testing assessment, planning framework and strategy to assess your existing testing process capabilities and maturity. We collaborate with you closely to conduct a systematic gap analysis to understand the shortcomings in your testing practice. Our approach also facilitates the process of gathering data to analyze your current testing and QA model, and benchmarking with industry standards.

Our assessment and planning framework (as illustrated in the figure) provides the right mechanism and direction to:

  • Study current SDLC, test tools, manual and automated testing approaches, and infrastructure
  • Collect requisite information by interacting with key stakeholders
  • Evaluate current metrics being applied, reporting models used, information exchange practices followed, defect trends, test coverage and so on
  • Review and compare the gathered data against industry benchmark

Our test maturity matrix maps your organization’s key aspects such as culture, technology, methods, skills, measurement and controls against the industry best practices, and ranks them based on your level of maturity.


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Our industry leading assessment and improvement strategies provide the following key benefits:

  • Reduce costs by up to 30%
  • Leverage our test planning and optimization model along with our test estimation model to aid test assessment and planning
  • Generate and execute an effective action plan with a clear road map to reach the desired state of quality and competence
  • Tap into our high level recommendations that are based on testing priorities and assessment results
  • Use our accelerator toolkit to implement necessary changes and enhance testing practices

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