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Test Design

Jumpstart your testing programs with effective test design

A reliable test design is critical to the success and effectiveness of a testing project. This involves creating and writing test suites to ensure that all testing requirements are achieved through a series of test procedures. Documenting what exactly must be tested during the planning phase is a key challenge. Another concern is automating tests and factoring in specific project requirements. The type of test data required for testing needs to be properly determined. It is also essential to document, and systematically follow test design standards to produce the necessary test information.

By investing significant time in building good test designs, organizations can increase the quality, efficiency and repeatability of tests.

TechArcis offers end-to-end test design services that enable you to create, review and implement a comprehensive and reliable test plan. Our holistic approach helps in creating effective test modules, deciding the scope and techniques for each module, as well as determining the right level of test specification.

Our test engineers facilitate key processes such as defining test completion criteria, designing functional tests, creating design test cases, checking test coverage, building and executing tests, verifying test results, as well as maintaining the test library. We support you with the following:

  • Create a detailed test plan, which comprises – integration test specification, system test specification, system integration test specification, acceptance test specification, and operability test specification.
  • Prepare your test environment set-up, manage testware configuration, prepare for testing, as well as perform static testing
  • We design test cases and find defects in applications effectively by designing an optimal test coverage and robust test cases.
  • We build test data which is a library of documented test elements required during test iterations and once test readiness review and installation in the test environment is completed, enable successful test execution.

TechArcis executes these procedures through distinct test case design methods. We support both new test design as well as traditional methods of test design. As part of a new design, we assist you in designing reliable tests with no omissions.

Collaborate with us for 30-40% reduction in testing costs

TechArcis enables you to execute testing based on your specific test case format. By partnering with us you can enjoy the following benefits:


Test design activities supported by TechArcis

  • Adopt a structured way of creating effective and efficient test cases
  • Allocate previous test designs to further reduce development costs of new test cases substantially
  • Manage project progress of teams spread across locations in different networks
  • Follow a systematic plan and strategy to list all test perspectives, build test cases, prepare test data and execute tests
  • Create effective test data to support the definition of good, reusable test cases for enhanced quality analysis of an application

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