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Test Execution

Enhance effectiveness of test execution cycle

Test execution is the most critical process in SDLC that helps ensure that the product meets the desired quality standards within the expected timelines. However, this phase is characterized by various factors that makes it challenging for organization to test the products thoroughly and make it available on time. These factors include unforeseen delays in execution, identifying and prioritizing the functional and non-functional areas of the application under test, lack of collaboration and misinterpretation of test results. Shortage of specific skills, inherent gaps due to intervening holidays or absence, and lack of comprehensive risk management models make it difficult for the organizations to execute testing seamlessly, thus impacting cost and quality of product.

TechArcis helps with end-to-end test execution right from setting up the test environment, identifying and running appropriate test suites, recording and resolving the defects as and when they arise, to tracking the results and reporting to the stakeholders. Our test execution model is based on well-defined metrics that help provide complete test coverage, track progress and quality of testing efforts.

To ensure traceability between test requirement and test cases, we determine and eliminate redundant and dead test codes to ensure 100% test coverage. We revisit and review the plans and priorities on a daily basis to align the process to any unpredictable changes. Our strong focus on maximum defect detection during the early stages of testing ensures that the turnaround time for critical defects is short, resulting in reduced defect backlog. To help develop a stable software product our test team identifies and determines the nature of defects that should be fixed on priority.

We execute tests as per the test plan in each phase:


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  • With comprehensive test execution capabilities, we ensure 100% coverage and optimization of test cases.
  • We help automate test execution workflow to enhance repeatability and consistency.
  • Automated test execution helps eliminate human error and deliver efficient, reliable and accurate test results.
  • Our robust set of metrics and test execution processes help early detection of defects, thus helping you fix those at the initial stages resulting in reduced cost, time and effort.

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