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Test Reporting

Build transparency into the testing process

Test reporting is as critical as testing. It helps establish visibility into quality assurance activities during the test cycle that combines defect as well as test case run information. While testing reports provide enormous information, they usually lack actionable insights that help directing further course of action. With cost and complexities increasing in SDLC, it is imperative to have comprehensive test metrics and dashboards that can help measure the test progress and embed a process of continuous improvement.

TechArcis offers end-to-end test data performance management through comprehensive reporting structure and metrics based dashboards to help monitor the productivity and quality of each testing phase. Our robust reporting framework combines progress reporting, burn-down charts and customizable personal dashboards to provide complete and accurate information at every level to help manage and streamline project as per business priority.

Our test progress reports are generated automatically and in real-time, giving the team visibility into testing activities. It allows them to track progress of test effort and measure the quality of software product. We provide:

  • A detailed test summary report of test coverage and unresolved defects that combines test objectives, strategies and overall test effort outcome.
  • Dashboards are based on extensive set of predefined metrics that can be scaled as per requirement.
  • Comprehensive status reports as per organizational hierarchy to enable complete transparency into every aspect of testing and application quality. This helps project stakeholders with result and data-driven decision making.
  • Extensive set of metrics to help assess the progress of the project against the planned schedule and budget.


Partner with us: Meet your schedule and quality goals

TechArcis provides centralized information that is detailed, easy-to-understand and reliable to help guide the testing effort. Our testing reports:

  • Provide granular view of testing to help build your credibility.
  • Support data-driven decision making and effective risk management.
  • Deliver complete insight into product and process efficiency to help you proactively manage quality of the project and the product.

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