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Performance And Engineering: Testing Services

Performance Engineering & Testing Services in a Dynamic IT Ecosystem

As enterprise IT infrastructure grows more complex by the day, so have the performance risks of systems and applications that form the backbone of the enterprise. Interconnectivity between applications and systems with other solutions and stakeholders continues to grow, causing multiple factors outside of the main application to influence performance issues. Failure to effectively assess and understand real world end-user expectations can negatively impact application performance testing.

To optimize performance in a high pressure production environment, organizations need to execute performance testing with a holistic understanding of the extensive application ecosystem as well as the broader context of the business. They also need to implement performance engineering and performance-driven software development for improved user experience and greater productivity.

Service Offerings: TechArcis facilitates a two-pronged approach to deliver high quality software products

  • Enables performance testing, a critical component in application testing
  • Provides added value by supporting performance engineering


Performance Testing:

Using our MagnaQ (MQ) Performance suite, We help you strategize and execute performance testing for a range of requirements such as responsiveness, scalability, reliability and availability. Our solution covers a wide range of applications and verticals. We help:

  • Define, develop and test relevant business workload scenarios that very closely resemble real world circumstances of an application, and simulate an actual peak day in its life.
  • Monitor key application parameters efficiently during a batch process execution.
  • Profile, analyze and diagnose issues in a wide range of applications including web-based multi-tier applications, client servers, SOA based solutions and commercial solutions.

Performance Engineering:

Our MagnaQ (MQ) Performance engineering and tuning framework facilitates high-end performance engineering, and provide support in benchmarking based on elaborate performance requirements, best practices and industry standards.

  • Recommend and enable performance engineering at every stage of the development cycle for enhanced performance of software applications.
  • Test methodology incorporates performance engineering at the initial design phase of the application development lifecycle to ensure optimum performance and reduce defects. This helps fix issues with application codes effectively through profiling for faster performance.
  • Leverage the smart techniques and approaches of engineering and high-performance computing to enhance the performance and scalability of applications.

Types of Performance testing we help you with


Collaborate with Us: Design scalable solutions to simulate real life, extreme conditions

Our cutting-edge performance engineering and testing services enable you to achieve enhanced functional quality, greater performance, and improved security, which are the foundation of effective and successful software applications. We also ensure that performance engineering and testing is carried out in sync with your business objectives. Partnering with us enables you to:

  • Tap into our performance diagnostics to regularly evaluate and enhance the health and performance of applications during design, development and testing stages to reduce risks and issues in application delivery
  • Leverage our expert consultants and MagnaQ(MQ) Performance Optimizer to ensure that applications are fulfilling expected performance objectives as well as utilizing optimum computing resources
  • Deliver superior quality applications at lower cost of operations and maintenance, thereby increasing customer satisfaction
  • Identify and address maximum defects and issues during early application development stage to improve and sustain service quality
  • Build efficiency in hardware capacity planning and predict infrastructure investment needs to scale up to business demands, and maximize IT system capacity
  • Engineer database server to improve turnaround times
  • Realize maximum ROI on your performance testing and engineering investment
  • Gain increased value from our best practices for performance test process and performance test types

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