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Release Management

Effective release management for efficient application rollout

Developing software products requires a lot of hard work and investment. Current market trends and business needs require high volume of IT application deployment at a rapid rate, which could potentially lead to a lot of errors. Well-streamlined release management enables successful deployment of applications to the right set of audiences. It can ensure existing customer satisfaction and also win new customers. It involves planning, designing, developing, building and deploying software and hardware. Effective release management can help organizations reduce efforts and costs of un-integrated project and maintenance implementations, and deliver project requirements in line with business priorities.

Organizations therefore need a lightweight release management solution for greater management and control over application development and maintenance activities to handle the growing number and complexity of releases.

TechArcis improves the quality of your productive system to ensure increased end user satisfaction, as well as ensures Full-fledged release management – from determining scope to scheduling, implementing quality assurance and compliance to managing version histories.


Core release management processes

Our release management solution facilitates high quality cut-over to newer versions of an application with minimal disruptions during configuration changes.

We help you manage the following key aspects for effective release management:

  • Manage incident or change management, which is the typical origin of change in a productive system
  • Provide teams with minimal-impact ways to understand and deploy the process, and offer hands-on support from the very beginning
  • Reduce risk in deploying changes to the production environment, by arranging service requests into logically grouped releases
  • Coordinate projects with all scheduled changes to a production environment, thereby ensuring stability of the environment

Partner with us: Ensure a secure deployment of critical requirements

By enabling you to plan, deploy and track releases we optimize costs, ensure quality products that are defect-free, even while incorporating the required and expected functionalities. We help you in creating a reliable and viable release management policy to guide the adoption and implementation of relevant processes and procedures that improve the speed and agility of your releases. Some of the key benefits we offer include:


  • Business oriented practices to align release management with organizational goals, objectives and priorities
  • Clear criteria for defining releasesalong with smart guidelines for planning release cycles
  • Well thought out release planning to help you reduce the risk of configuration management conflicts
  • Best practices, as well as governancefor organization and processes
  • Holistic processes and strategiesto balance user demands with feasibility and cost factors
  • Reduce incidence of build failures, as well as record all build, distribution and implementation activities in an accurate and timely manner
  • Leverage skills across service requeststo enhance productivity of delivery staff, as well as reduce duplication of effort across projects
  • Resolve conflicting demands for insufficient resources such as test environments, by ensuring that these resources are shared efficiently

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