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Test Automation Services

Automated testing for successful launches and speed-to-market

Delivering winning applications and solutions with faster time to market and reduced costs is critical for improving ROI and securing competitive advantage in today’s tough marketplace. As a result, optimizing increasingly complex software is a top priority for businesses today. Automated testing helps eliminate cumbersome, manual and error-prone processes that often delay application releases, and helps reduce costs and time to market. However, ineffective automation practices lead to sharp decline in ROI, and therefore, businesses need to establish streamlined and robust automated testing programs.

A reliable test automation strategy optimizes testing and meets quality standards effectively. Our end-to-end automation regression pack enables you to regress your products effectively with each change, through the right use of processes, tools and best practices. In addition, our offering also includes the right automation framework, along with effective accelerators and customized components for efficient enterprise-wide automation.

Automation Testing Landscape


Our services include regular automation of testing processes, as well as value added services such as automating the automation.

TechArcis leverages its MagnaQ (MQ) Automation suite and MagnaQ (MQ) Automation Optimizer to deliver the following solutions.

Testing automation:

Using MagnaQ (MQ) Automation suite,we offer end-to-end services through the entire spectrum of test automation – from planning, designing, developing, executing to maintaining the automation program. Our leading-edge automation methodology strengthens your test automation and automation asset management processes, while our scalable and flexible test automation framework combines reusable artifacts, methods, tools, processes and scripts for repeatability and accuracy.

We provide a wide range of automation tools that enable you to create automated tests that can be repeated precisely and save cost and time.

Automating the automation:

MagnaQ (MQ) Automation Optimizer is our leading edge next generation automation platform that enables tool independent automation. It allows business users to do automation as it takes away the need to know automation programming language. MagnaQ Automation optimizer includes test automation tools that generate automation scripts automatically after effective analysis of manual test cases or natural language requirements. Furthermore, the offering enables better and cost effective test script maintenance by helping you generate scripts that are more resilient to change. Regression testing forms a core part of release testing in this process, and you can also implement cumulative testing as part of an agile iterative development process. One key advantage is that managing and automating the automation does not demand significant technical expertise on the part of your team.


Partner with us: Simplify automation and improve accuracy and coverage

Leveraging TechArcis test automation services and solutions help you align your testing strategy with your business goals and provide the following benefits:

  • Flexible delivery model with proof of concept on critical applications for studying feasibility of test automation
  • Reduced time, effort, costs and risks through effective design, development and testing of automation
  • Script-less automation that helps combine technical brilliance with domain expertise
  • Test case optimization and accelerators for automating the automation – for greater efficiency and faster time to market
  • Data driven implementation and management of test automation
  • Comprehensive documentation comprising detailed technical information that enables maintenance and enhancement of test scripts
  • Time-boxed approach to planning, deploying and maintaining the solution, with systematic tracking of deliverables, issues and learning

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