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Test Data Management

Tackle time and cost overruns with effective test data management

Software bugs can cost companies millions in repairs, lost sales and even law suits. Test data is a critical component of testing, and effective test data management is a pre-requisite for taking high quality, innovative products to market faster. However, creating relevant, reusable and scalable data is time consuming and effort intensive. Tracking, refreshing and storing data can also lead to unnecessary delays. Testers often struggle to build and use test data with characteristics closely resembling a real production data set. Data security and compliance requirements also restrict them from using a copy of the production data. Another challenge is data masking or scrubbing in order to depersonalize various types of protected data.


TechArcis test data management tools and techniques offer the flexibility and functionality to generate and manage fit-for-purpose test data environments, and streamline the entire test data delivery process. Our strong technology map effectively supports test data management, while our advanced governance management practices help you in implementing customized test data management. We assist you in:

  • Making the best data choices for building complete, accurate and secure test data, through easy-to-use, reusable and automated processes.
  • Accelerating the provisioning of test data by reusing base-lined test data and data selection criteria.
  • Developing editable data to create effective error and boundary conditions.
  • Generating data with characteristics that very closely match real production data, allowing you to systematically and accurately test and evaluate system behavior.
  • Masking business sensitive data, while ensuring adequate quality of data as well as maintaining referential integrity.

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Typically, test data creation and management can consume up to 10 – 20% of the test effort. We ensure that you get maximum value out of your test data investment. Leverage our best practices to understand test data requirements, create data to suit your requirements, and make the data repeatable and scalable.


Collaborating with us provides the following benefits:


  • Comply with data privacy regulations by adequately masking data, and avoid risking loss of reputation due to data breach
  • Cut your IT costs by creating smaller test data sets that require less storage space and system resources.
  • Enhance effectiveness of testing by creating test data modeled and extracted to meet the necessary coverage scenario
  • Provision right-sized, high quality test data to various teams simultaneously, to speed up test cycles
  • Handle higher test data volumes effectively including a range of data types residing at different geographical locations, to ensure high quality of applications

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