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Virtual Test Factory (vTF)

Virtual Test Factory and global delivery centers for optimized testing services

Testing requirements are increasingly becoming complex in nature, resulting in burgeoning cost of testing and maintenance. Unprecedented economic and market pressures are compelling CIOs to look for innovative ways to optimize testing, and lower operational cost without compromising on quality.

TechArcis offers a one-stop-shop for all your testing requirements. Our test factory or test assembly center is a centralized testing center that combines skilled resources, infrastructure, industry standard tools, processes and methodologies to deliver uniform and standard testing services. Similar to the concept of a factory floor, we adopt best practices and frameworks to optimize resource and tools utilization to deliver cost-effective end-to-end testing as per business requirements. Our test factory not only helps transform your quality assurance processes but also addresses the need for scalability at a lower incremental cost. We leverage our MagnaQ suite of solutions and services portfolio for testing transformation and increased productivity.

Our aim is to build uniform work packets, and standardize testing through our global delivery model. We offer end-to-end testing services through a shared services model to help you realize maximum ROI. A three step process is broadly utilized to set up a test factory:

Analyze and define the scope

Assess the testing needs, existing test practices, tools and technology, evaluate the maturity of testing processes, and identify gaps and pain points. Based on gap analyses, we define scope of engagement.

Plan and design end-to-end testing services and transformation model

Work closely with you to develop a roadmap for various testing services and testing transformation initiatives. In this important phase, we focus on designing test execution, test management and governance mechanisms. We assess test requirements, develop test strategies, and identify relevant tools and methodologies. In addition, we outline test metrics and key performance indicators aligned to business goals and objectives, and define a governance model to monitor and measure productivity and software performance as per SLAs. We also design the operating model and test artifacts, and develop entry and exit criteria for each and every testing phase.

Implement the solution:

Our team sets up the infrastructure, tools and processes, and rolls out a pilot project to evaluate the efficiency of the process. We follow a phased approach that helps place multiple checkpoints to identify any inconsistencies or deviation in the process, and fix them accordingly. After the completion of the pilot project, we collaborate with you to evaluate the success of the pilot implementation. We apply these learnings to further optimize and improve testing in the next phase of implementation.


By leveraging our test factory, you can derive several qualitative and quantitative benefits:

  • Enhance test efficiency:Effective and efficient use of industry standard tools enables complete traceability, and helps align testing as per business requirements.
  • Reduce cycle time:Test automation helps reduce arduous and time consuming manual effort, and accelerate development cycle time.
  • Minimize TCO:Shared services delivery model helps reduce cost of ownership as we build, operate and manage the test factory, and take complete responsibility for end-to-end testing services.
  • Improve QA:Robust governance model helps enhance visibility at every stage of the cycle, so that you can detect and fix defects early in the development cycle.
TechArcis Virtual Test Factory Structure


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