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Disruptive Technologies Testing

Effective testing strategies in the face of disruptive technologies

The growing breed of disruptive technologies including mobile, social media, big data, cloud, and BI and analytics are fundamentally changing the business landscape. They are impacting software engineering and testing organizations, demanding differentiated strategies and smart tools to ensure quality of applications and data security. As the volume and velocity of data flowing across web and mobile devices increases exponentially, testing needs to become more reliable, scalable, and secure. It also needs to adapt to the new ways in which web and mobile applications are being developed and delivered.

TechArcis provides a suite of testing solutions tailored to meet the demands and challenges of today’s disruptive technologies:

Mobility: Our solutions help ensure quality across multiple operating systems, mobile browsers, smart phone devices and models, as well as carriers and locations. Our holistic and comprehensive mobile testing strategy encompasses managing device and network infrastructure, selecting target devices, as well as leveraging manual and automated testing tools for functional and non-functional testing. We enable different types of testing such as functional, performance, security and compliance testing.

Cloud: We provide end-to-end cloud testing solution that reduces the cost of testing, and helps you shorten the provisioning time with the help of on-demand test server provisioning. Some of the types of testing we enable include performance testing, load testing, stress testing, capacity testing, fail-over testing, application security testing, risk compliance testing, latency testing, and browser testing.

Big data: Our big data and Hadoop testing solutions facilitate functional testing activities, including validation of the map reduce process, structured and unstructured data validation, and data storage validation. Apart from functional validations, we also support non-functional testing such as performance and failover testing to ensure scalability and adherence to SLAs. The best practices we follow include ensuring data quality, effective data sampling, and automation of test suites.


Our testing solutions for disruptive technologies also include following domains:

Social media: With social media becoming integral to IT and business strategy, we have built strong capabilities around platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and devices such as Android and iOS. Our key value drivers include customized automation frameworks that leverage open-source tools, and our repository of re-usable test artifacts. We support usability testing, integration testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, security testing, exploratory testing, and user profile testing.

BI and analytics: Our strategy is based on testing all aspects of quality, security and accuracy at every point of data entry within the BI architecture. We ensure data credibility by making the testing cycle effective and consistent. Our solutions enable test planning for each stage, as well as help define the responsibilities of key players in the process such as business analysts, IT and QA team, developers and business users. Our services include setting up the test environment, ensuring test data availability by using production-like data, as well as clearly establishing data quality and performance acceptance criteria.

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Our testing solutions for disruptive technologies provide the following key benefits:

  • Verify enterprise applications across a wide range of handsets, and roll them out faster and within budget
  • Reduce the complexity of testing today’s cloud-based APIs and applications by ensuring greater visibility into the myriad distributed components
  • Rapidly assess applications to eliminate the risk of errors and critical security flaws in social media applications
  • Ensure data completeness, accuracy, consistency, security and reliability across the BI application life cycle

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