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Big Data Testing Solutions

Smart strategies to ensure high quality of data in production

An increasing number of organizations is exploring the business benefits of big data. However, the exponential growth in big data sources has increased data complexities. Organizations realize they need an effective testing strategy to manage these complexities, and derive maximum return from data related investments.

We provide a robust testing solution and approach to test and validate structured and unstructured data, and to improve the quality of your data warehouse. Our solutions facilitate functional testing activities, including validation of the map reduce process, structured and unstructured data validation, and data storage validation. Apart from functional validations, we also support non-functional testing such as performance and failover testing to ensure scalability and adherence to SLAs.

Our testing experts help you write complex Pig and Hive programs, and run them on data across various nodes with Hadoop map reduce framework. You can bank on us to perform data functional testing to proactively identify data quality issues arising from coding errors and node configuration errors.

The best practices we follow include ensuring data quality, effective data sampling, and automation of test suites. With our thorough testing cycles, we enable an increase in better data, which further helps in making effective business decisions.


Partner with us: Implement structured testing techniques to validate big data

Our big data testing solutions and approaches enable you to enjoy the following key advantages:

  • Assess big data testing infrastructure requirements, and design and implement the infrastructure
  • Optimize infrastructure by hosting big data environment on cloud
  • Apply the best testing strategies and best practices for optimum results and minimum errors
  • Leverage our team of competent test engineers with diverse skill sets including white box testing skills and data analysis skills
  • Test more data faster, automate the testing processes, and test across various platforms
  • Eliminate risk of key decisions being made on the basis of bad data

Benefits of Big Data Testing

Unfortunately, bad data is an inseparable part of big data. And due to this bad data, average organizations have to go through losses worth 14 million dollars every year. So, it becomes essential that huge data sets go through Big Data Testing.

There are a number of advantages of Big Data Testing. Some of them are given below:

  • Correct Data – with the help of Big Data Testing, companies can obtain correct data easily. On the basis of the correct data, companies can analyze their business and compete with their rivals effective through working out on their weaknesses.
  • Boost Revenue – due to not obtaining the correct data, companies have to lose much which is around $ 100. Huge money is flown to filter the correct data but they do not obtain desired result and their losses increase. Big Data Testing filter valuable data effectively which helps organizations offer better customer services and boost their revenue through making better decisions.
  • Better Strategy – Business strategy is essential for the success of your business. It becomes easy to collect the data related to customers’ behavior and history. Through big data testing, predictive behavioral targeting and business employ optimization becomes easy that help you make better decisions.

Why to Choose Us

At TechArcis, we use right tools and technologies that are essential for Big Data Testing and Data Analysis. We help our clients deal with rising challenges of storing, accessing the volume, velocity, processing, and variety of big data. We help our clients make intelligent decisions, lessen risks, and personal pleasant user experience.

All the things, whether it is data analysis, data retrieval, data storage, or data creation, are parts of the Big Data and our experienced professionals usea number of frameworks, techniques, and tools to processing the huge dataso that we can deliver desired results to our clients.

We’re focused on delivering high value added engagements with measurable returns on your investment. To find out the business value of leveraging our best in class big data testing solutions and strategies. Talk to us today

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