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Cloud Testing Solutions

Scalable cloud testing solutions to enhance all aspects of testing lifecycle

Cloud based testing has emerged as an attractive proposition with several advantages including pay-per-use option, reduced costs, and transition from capital expenditure to operational expenditure. It provides on-demand flexibility, facilitates greater collaboration, and allows faster time to market for business critical applications.

We provide end-to-end, turnkey cloud testing solution that reduces the cost of testing, and helps you shorten the provisioning time with the help of on-demand test server provisioning. Some of the types of testing we enable include performance testing, load testing, stress testing, capacity testing, fail-over testing, application security testing, risk compliance testing, latency testing, and browser testing. Our solutions and strategies assure high level of coverage, and secure mission-critical production applications.


You can draw upon our expertise and infrastructure to validate and verify products you own, as well as test on-demand software. You can also adopt the best deployment model from the available options that include public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. Our team of performance engineers supports you in simulating real world live traffic that comprises millions of concurrent and geographically scattered users.


Partner with us: Leverage a cost effective and flexible cloud-based testing environment

With us, you can move your testing to cloud, and enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of quality assurance systems
  • Embrace greater flexibility by sourcing your testing requirements on demand
  • Identify defects earlier, and accelerate release of applications to market
  • Implement performance and load testing on demand and at scale
  • Identify latency, and network, server and application issues and fix them effectively and quickly
  • Embrace cloud elasticity to test web and mobile applications at scale
  • Leverage quick, cost effective and efficient real world testing scenarios


Cloud-based testing reduces the cost of testing with the pay per use option wherethe expenditure is made on the basis of the operation.It is a flexible option that can be used as per the client’s demand. Accordingly, the cost of the testing may also reduce or increase. It also offers greater collaboration. It reduces not only the cost of testing but the provisioning time as well. Some more advantages of Cloud Testing are as follow:

Appropriate for Agile: In agile different teams involved in the development process have to work at the same time. Cloud Testing Solution makes this collaboration possible without any problems; all the professionals can work at the same time even if they are situated at different locations.

Different Devices Available for Mobile Testing:Mobile lab makes different kinds of devices available for testers and they can use them as per their requirements. A team of testers can also use different devices. This considerably reduces the cost as you need not buy different physical devices for different testers.

No Time Wastage for Procurement and Setup:With cloud testing,you are not required to spend time on setupand procurement. You just need to choose the cloud vendor and setup is done itself. You can instantly start testing.

No Tool License: The necessity of having tools’ license sis also eliminated when you go for cloud testing. Thus, you save money.

Test Anytime: One of the main features of cloud testing is that you can do your job anytime, anywhere.

Good for Increasing Efficiency: As cloud-based testing solution offers you the opportunity to use various kinds of devices. Thus, you can use the best device for testing and enhance the efficiency.

Why to Choose Us

We at Techarcis are known for offering practical and cost-effective cloud testing solutions for your business. We provide uninterrupted cloud testing services with limited IT resources and budget. Our load testing and functional platforms make the testing of all the technologies and protocols very easy. Defining uninterrupted tests is also not a difficult job.

We provide end-to-end solutions for cloud operation and cloud hosting, SaaS or cloud enablement, cloud strategy and customer support. Our AQ designers are expert in Mobile Cloud, Functional Cloud Applications, Performance Cloud, and Functional Cloud Tools.

We’re focused on delivering high value added engagements with measurable returns on your investment. To find out the business value of leveraging our best in class cloud testing solutions and strategies. Talk to us today

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