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Mobility Testing Solutions

End-to-end testing for enhanced mobile quality

In a highly competitive mobile application market, sustained success depends on taking innovative and effective applications to market faster than your peers. Only high-quality apps with superior performance can attract media and consumer attention. To meet the increasingly tough expectations of users, enterprises need to have reliable testing processes in place. You need mobility testing solutions that factor in the complex testing and performance matrices of mobile apps.

We offer sophisticated and best in class mobile testing infrastructure that comprises our indigenous solutions as well as third-party testing solutions that you can choose from.

Our solutions help ensure quality across multiple operating systems, mobile browsers, smart-phone devices, and models, as well as carriers and locations. We provide holistic and comprehensive mobile testing strategy that encompasses managing device and network infrastructure, selecting target devices, as well as leveraging manual and automated testing tools for functional and non-functional testing. We enable different types of testing such as functional, performance, security and compliance testing.

Our mobile testing experts enable you to identify and correct performance related as well as technical issues and defects, and optimize application performance effectively.

mobile testing solutions

Partner with us: Streamline mobile testing processes, and create high-quality user experience

By adopting our end-to-end mobility testing solutions, you can enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Accurate and real world testing conditions
  • Capabilities in testing applications across platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and Symbian
  • Effective application diagnostics to efficiently fix performance and technical snags
  • Flexible deployment model that allows you to manage mobile testing infrastructure on a private cloud or onsite in a cost effective and secure manner
  • Visibility into the complete testing process and mobile quality for all stakeholders
  • Effective automation testing that helps run the same scripts on various operating systems and devices, as well as accelerates testing and improves test coverage

Benefits of Mobility Test

A variety of applications are already available in the market and a great number of applications are being released daily. So, users have many options for choosing apps. It is essential that your applications work smoothly and offer pleasant user experience. If users do not like your app due to any reasons, they will uninstall it as quickly as they installed it. So, Mobility Testing is essential to meet your desired results.

There are a number of Benefits of Mobility Test. Some of them are given below.

  • Quality mobile testing is essential for the success of your app as well as your company.
  • Through quality mobile testing, it is ensured that your app should work excellently
  • It is also helpful to offer desired user experience.
  • If your app works excellently, it ensures that you will meet planned business value.
  • An app may go through several issues that can create hurdles on the way of the success of your app. These issues may be some kinds of functional defects and compatibility issues. It also may be Poor Performance. Mobility Testing ensures your app is ready to release.

Why to Choose us

At TechArcis, we offer uninterrupted quality mobility testing. We are efficient enough to do different kinds of mobile testing thoroughly. These testing are done for checking app’s functionality, compatibility, user experience, HIG or W3C compliance, security, performance, localization, and automation for ensuring the great performance and pleasant user experience etc. We have very experienced testers for conducting all kinds of testing. These experts are efficient enough to do testing based on the simulator, emulator, and device.

It is no hidden secret that mobile market at present is highly dynamic, fast growing, and fragmented as well. Thus, we see a huge number of mobiles applications flooded in the market. We provide high-quality Mobility or Mobile Application Testing for our clients on the basis of managed service model or the need of our clients. We work with our clients as a third party Mobility partner so that they can move forward with optimum cost.

While taking our services, you don’t need to spend any amount of money for testing infrastructure because you can take our services as pay per use model. We have effective testing methodologies based on Automation along with efficient testing infrastructure so we do testing effectively in fast as we need not setup any lab. For the base of structured mobile testing, we offer our services on the basis of TMap Next that helps us conduct mobile testing with structured lifecycle model, structured test process, and test management approach which is business driven.

We’re focused on delivering high value-added engagements with measurable returns on your investment. To understand how we help you develop, test and launch smart, high-quality mobile applications. Talk to us today

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