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Industry Solutions

One size does not fit all - Industry-specific testing

In order to keep pace and succeed in a digitally always-connected world, performance and quality of applications have become critical. However, with the emergence of sophisticated and intelligent software and communication systems, the challenges involved in testing software have become more industry-specific and complex. In a rapidly changing market with unprecedented demands for advanced technologies, it is imperative that applications are tested and optimized for the target industry to avoid poor and delayed responsiveness defects.

TechArcis’ understands that each industry has specific business requirements and a unique set of challenges that need focused testing solutions. Leveraging our domain expertise, leading-edge tools and methodologies, delivery model and industry best practices, we offer customized solutions for industry-specific software testing requirements to enhance targeted business performance. Our industry solutions help enterprises across various sectors keep pace with real-time requirements, address test specifications, and simulate them to the scalability of production.

We provide customer-centric solutions that combine packaged application testing solutions, transformation models, test virtualization, and specialized testing solutions to enable clients across industry verticals enhance quality of their products. Our tailored services and solutions help you optimize your return on technology investment by adding value throughout the application development life cycle.

Based on our multi-industry experience, we offer end-to-end performance engineering and testing solutions that span across various industries including:

  • Banking, Finance and Security (BFS)
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment
  • Other Industries


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Our cross industry solutions enable the following key benefits:

  • Ensure functional practicality, architecture scalability, and effective system integration of banking applications
  • Test various aspects of insurance business, including implementation of a range of insurance products
  • Embrace low-cost,agile testing solutions to roll out innovative healthcare products in compliance with stringent regulatory standards
  • Leverage new technologies, and manage legacy applications in the banking domain
  • Execute RFID testing POS testing, device testing, and testing of multiple end user scenarios across the retail spectrum
  • Tap into the latest information technologies to provide smart retail services
  • Implement a range of telecom testing including performance/stress testing of networks,acceptance tests on new applications, voice quality testing, and efficiency testing
  • Offer sophisticated and diversified services/products for end users in the fixed,mobile, wireless, DSL cable or convergent media space

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