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With the growing demand for interoperability, regulatory compliance, and end-user technology (mobile, multiple OS) compatibility, rolling out effective healthcare applications requires deep technology expertise, considerable resources, and overhead costs.

The price for non-compliance in the healthcare industry is colossal, and we understand the importance of quality testing of healthcare software applications in these scenarios. TechArcis provides a suite of services for the payer and provider industry.

TechArcis’ team can support with designing appropriate test cases for comprehensive testing of healthcare products using relevant manual testing and test automation tools.

Our Offerings

We offer specialized services under the following segments:

  • Healthcare management systems
  • Medical devices – instrumentation and imaging
  • Clinical systems
  • Life supporting and saving systems
  • Insurance and financing in the healthcare system
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Drug compliance and research


  • Industry specific solutions, test assets and best practices
  • Healthcare software industry testing with focus on compatibility, reliability, security, and completeness
  • Transformation and automation solutions for 30-40% cost savings
  • Partnership with healthcare industry software providers to leverage easy to use testing assets

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