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At TechArcis, our testing and compliance services support organizations globally. We develop application testing strategies and execution models that ensure focus on defect prevention rather than defect correction.

Speed-to-market is vital for insurance companies because of changing regulations, technology innovations and fierce competition. Our dedicated domain testing practice drives the up-to-date trends, best practices and innovations into insurance testing.

From underwriting to policy administration to billing, the core applications make the difference between gaining new customers and losing existing market share. Customers demand more flexibility, mobility and transparency from their insurers, who in turn struggle to transform front and back office operations to meet consumer expectations and increased regulations. Testing in turn forms an integral part of this transformational landscape.

TechArcis testing programs provide validation that software applications perform as intended, are dispatched quickly, and alleviate the risk of business interruption during and after deployment.

Our Offerings

We offer specialized services under the following segments:

  • Claims processing,claims audit and analytics
  • Case management/utilization review
  • Medical records review
  • Insurance rating and policy administration
  • E-commerce, electronic forms and submissions
  • Business intelligence and data warehousing applications
  • Legacy migration and integration


  • Industry specific solutions, test assets and best practices
  • Transformation and automation solutions for 30-40% cost savings
  • Test management, end-to-end testing solutions and proactive communication
  • Industry specific Test Centre of Excellence and frameworks

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