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Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment


The IT sector has become an indivisible part of telecommunications, media and entertainment industry. To stay on top of the competition, telecommunication companies are compelled to use the latest technologies to improve the quality of services. Testing new applications and technology equipment in the telecommunications domain is a challenging and time consuming process.

TechArcis offers an integrated approach for functional and integration testing and best practices for traceability matrix. We organize test execution very competently. We manage test services in a multi-vendor and multi-technology environment efficiently.

From changing mobile network operations, updating back-office mediation and billing systems or managing software quality function, TechArcis’ testing suite helps deliver superior quality software. We cover everything from provisioning to self-care, from mediation to bill print, and data content systems to full online portal testing and security. Our manual and automated regression testing ensures that existing services are not negatively impacted when changes are introduced during systems integration.

Our Offerings

We offer specialized services under the following segments:

  • OSS/BSS solutions
  • Network infrastructure
  • Mobile devices, platforms and operating systems
  • Programming and content management
  • Routers, switches and networking devices
  • End user applications and games


  • TechArcis solutions provide testing on various devices and networks
  • Interoperability and compatibility testing
  • Secure content management and distribution
  • Test management, end-to-end testing solutions, and proactive communication

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