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Localization Testing Services and Solutions

Equip your software products for successful local and international roll outs

As organizations increasingly reach out to global audiences, customizing testing solutions and services to suit local needs such as languages, operating systems, browsers, and device platforms becomes imperative. Applications need to be localized in order to cater to the target market, and must be effective in serving the needs of end users in terms of functionality, culture, and so on. In addition, these localized applications need to be tested prior to launch to ensure that costly errors do not slip through.

TechArcis provides end-to-end localization of testing services and solutions by leveraging its in-market specialists, local language expertise, resources and tools. We facilitate software internationalization which makes it possible for products to be adapted easily to various languages and locales without necessitating redesign. Our services comprise consulting, project management, text translation, development and testing.

Localized testing services

localization testing experts

We enable you to test localized products both from a functional as well as a language standpoint. Our testing services in localization cover all aspects of the product including user interface, user manuals, as well as marketing and training materials. Our team of testers and linguistic experts work together to review the translation of every screen of source code within a runtime context. Our offering also includes culturally sensitive document, and website localization and verification services.

Here’s a look at a few key aspects of our services:

  • We support your localization and internationalization needs across the application development cycle
  • Our quality assurance experts work with the product engineering and development teams to provide complete testing support and post localization validation
  • A single cross functional team spanning testing and product localization collaborates across the development cycle to achieve greater synergies and unparalleled quality

localization testing strategy

Our localization program involves the following: ensuring that the functionality of the original software is ready for localization, localizing the text, completing the software build, and testing the localized software for language accuracy and functionality. We enable you to achieve the best business outcomes by leveraging industry-leading methodology, and the latest localization technologies.

Partner with us: Optimize your products globally or for a particular location

Our qualified and cost efficient internationalization and localization testing services provide the following key advantages:

  • Ability to reach out to more international markets with greater confidence
  • Quick and greater return on investment on localized products
  • Capability to identify potentially difficult linguistic, functionality and user issues
  • Best practices to retain the original intent and essence of the content and user interface
  • Focus on maintaining usability of applications while translating from one language to another

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