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Packaged Applications Testing

Ensuring mission critical applications work faster and smarter

Organizations leverage a wide spectrum of packaged applications, many of which are further customized to support their business critical functions and practices. Managing and maintaining such a highly customized and integrated application environment requires a smart testing strategy. The risks involved in frequent changes to configuration or upgrades need to be mitigated and handled efficiently in order to avoid a negative impact on the business. A reliable and well-defined testing strategy enables you to sustain the quality and performance of applications and the entire environment – all the way from implementation through any number of enhancements and upgrades.

TechArcis brings strong capabilities in end-to-end testing of core business applications across industries, with special focus on packaged or off-the-shelf applications such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. Packaged implementation programs are complex and cumbersome.

We help you simplify the process through structured requirements validation, efficient functional and non-functional testing, system testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, test automation, security testing and performance testing. Our implementation and upgrade testing encompasses data migration testing as well as parallel testing.

We draw upon our thorough understanding of leading solutions and their interfaces to facilitate high quality packaged application implementation with emphasis on effective integration testing. This is critical to the success of IT programs in many industries.

SAP testing solutions: Our extensive knowledge of SAP modules, and testing methodologies and tools – HP Quick Test Professional (QTP), IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT), Worksoft, SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO) – enable efficient SAP testing and validation. We work towards mitigating the risks involved in implementing, upgrading or making changes to SAP. We provide a single point of control, and an integrated test environment for managing the complete SAP testing lifecycle – from test planning, execution and defect monitoring to test reporting.

Oracle testing solutions:We offer a comprehensive and integrated testing solution to ensure the quality, scalability and availability of packaged Oracle applications and databases. Our solutions support you in defining and managing application testing processes, validating application functionalities, and ensuring that your Oracle applications perform efficiently under load. Our integrated testing accelerators enable better scripting and more optimized testing. The solution suite includes functional and regression testing, as well as scalability, performance and load testing of Oracle packaged applications.

Microsoft testing solutions: Our holistic testing solutions enable automated and manual functional testing, as well as load testing, performance testing, scalability testing and application security and compliance testing for a range of Microsoft applications. We provide a complete suite of testing and validation tools for meeting end-to-end testing requirements, enabling you to maintain and manage high quality and performance of Microsoft applications.


Partner with us: Ensure faster application roll-outs without compromising on quality

Some of the key advantages we offer include:

  • QA processes specifically defined for different packaged applications based on the maturity of your implementation process
  • Early validation through Critical Functionality Tests (CFTs)
  • Comprehensive test repositories, test design accelerators and test productivity tools, resulting in reduced testing times, better efficiencies, and higher quality
  • Optimized test cases for maximum test coverage
  • Application and network security testing as well as compliance testing to eliminate the risk of vulnerabilities
  • Suitable tools to study and compare databases, files and reports across applications and versions. This facilitates faster testing processes and effective upgrades and implementations

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