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Specialized Testing Solutions

Effectively Test Complex Architecture with our Specialized Testing Services

To gain competitive advantage and contain cost, businesses are increasingly looking for off-the -shelf IT products that can be easily customized with their existing interface and IT systems. The growing demand for targeted IT solutions is increasingly resulting in applications with complex architecture that are more intricate. Businesses face significant challenge in testing these products using traditional methods.

Recognizing the need for targeted testing solutions, TechArcis offers a wide range of specialized testing services that combine point solutions, domain-based scenario suite,and custom framework and methodologies. Our specialized services help test applications using the latest testing techniques and technologies.

We help test compatibility and functionalities of the applications before they are implemented on a platform through a range of specialized testing services.


SOA Testing: Silo-ed and traditional testing strategies are failing to test SOA-based applications effectively, given its complex architecture. We offer an end-to-end solution to validate both functional and non-functional requirements across multiple layers early in the life cycle. We test the interoperability and security of the applications in addition to performance testing and optimization. Our comprehensive solution helps optimize cost, reduce defects at the onset, and enhance agility and performance of SOA deployment.

Migration Testing: Migration from a legacy application to a newer platform requires seamless data integration failing which leads to cost and time overruns. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of data structures and business rules, we offer migration testing and quality assurance services. Our solution helps ensure that the performance of applications is in line with business requirements and industry standard before it goes live.

Usability Testing: Applications need to be user-friendly with intuitive and easy-to-navigate interfaces for higher user acceptance. Poor user experience (UX) can lead to substantial business impact. TechArcis offers customized usability testing services as per your intended usability requirements, and helps enhance accessibility of content for applications and websites.

Compatibility Testing: Compatibility issues with existing hardware or software makes your product inoperable, and leads to customer dissatisfaction. Our compatibility testing services help determine whether or not your software product works in tandem with various system components. We test your applications thoroughly to ensure compatibility with a wide range of hardware and software and operating systems. We design and prepare a customized test suite depending on your compatibility specifications and requirements.

Product Testing: Rapidly expanding product portfolio demands that products are tested thoroughly with the right perspective to ensure its acceptance and relevance in the market. Leveraging robust test strategies and industrialized tools and technologies, we offer product testing services to enhance testing efficiency and improve product quality. By drawing upon various automation tools and accelerators, we help reduce testing cycle time and achieve improved time-to-market and market share.

Device and Mobile Application Testing: Businesses today are characterized by increasing use of smart phones and digital devices. Cloud based mobile applications that interact with ERP systems require intense functionality testing. Our end-to-end device and mobile application testing services offer specific testing strategies as per application requirement such as social, business, banking or gaming application. We test the applications thoroughly to ensure its usability, compatibility, data security and performance in a unique environment.

Security Testing: It is critical to ensure your product is not vulnerable to attacks. TechArcis offers security testing that helps determine if the data is secure and protected. Our solution helps identify and fix product vulnerabilities, and enables you to deliver robust and secure applications, and enhance end-customer confidence.

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