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Virtualized Testing Solutions

Virtualize manual and automated testing: Enhance efficiencies

Virtualization has deeply impacted the way systems are designed, developed, deployed and managed, and the way software is tested. It provides an effective means of enhancing testing performance and reducing the time involved in testing processes.

Most organizations do not fully utilize their test servers. Typically, they allocate one server per application, but computers rarely use more than 20% of server capacity. Virtualization provides an effective means of making optimum use of servers by upgrading a single application server into multiple virtual machines (VMs). You can thus eliminate the limitations of a physical test infrastructure, and test faster, better and with greater flexibility.

TechArcis delivers virtualized services, software and applications, as well as effective, secure, and complex test environments to create and test a wide range of scenarios. Our experts provide a clear road map to migrate to a virtualized platform and infrastructure, and ensure scalability and reliability of the test infrastructure. This enables you to deploy secure system VMs completely configured with security certificates and settings, as well as generate test data.


We enable you to work efficiently with virtualized installations by facilitating a good understanding of the unique characteristics of virtualized testing. Our best practices and recommendations provide you with the right direction and support to realize maximum ROI on virtualized testing. In addition, you can gain better efficiencies by leveraging the TechArcis Test Automation Optimizer and Performance Accelerator, which is designed to support virtualization.

Collaborate with us: Optimize computing power, roll out applications faster

Choose us as your expert partner and enjoy several business advantages:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs substantially by consolidating servers
  • Implement integration testing earlier and more frequently in the development cycle
  • Reduce setup time by eliminating the need for application testing
  • Increase collaboration between testers and developers for better quality
  • Deploy virtual assets to capture and simulate behavior of physical servers and client devices
  • Enhance asset management and reduce downtime
  • Achieve high availability and faster deployment of infrastructure

We focus on delivering high value added engagements with measurable returns on your investment. To find out how you can improve functional, performance and security testing with our virtualized testing services. Talk to us today

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