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Transformation Approach

Going beyond testing: Enhancing software development efficiency

To keep pace with growing market demands and gain competitive advantage, enterprises need to deliver quality software products, while reducing cycle time and operational cost. Due to inherent limitations, conventional methodologies of testing are continually failing to address the evolving and complex challenges of the software ecosystem. These include multiple linear regression testing, lengthy and time-consuming processes, poor test coverage, and use of redundant test cases that lead to significant time and cost implications.

There is a pressing need to do more with minimal test cases that provide maximum coverage. However, lack of adequate testing domain expertise makes it challenging for enterprises to transform their testing processes radically. Although there are multiple industry standard tools available that help automate and optimize testing, companies often struggle to select and combine the relevant tools and methodologies that are best suited for their testing environment and business priorities.

TechArcis helps address these challenges to drive test transformation initiatives effortlessly and effectively. Leveraging significant domain knowledge and years of experience, we offer a holistic testing transformation solution that combines best-in-class, readily available commercial point solutions, tools, and framework. Our offering helps transform end-to-end quality assurance activities, and bring significant value to the client.

We help you test smarter by optimizing the relevance of testing as per functional and non-functional requirements and business requirements. We combine multiple testing accelerators to design and develop test cases, reduce redundancy, and provide complete test coverage. By combining root-cause analyses of defects and test case data analytics, we help optimize the number of test cases, and enable early detection of defects during the development cycle.

TechArcis transformation approach is focused on reducing effort by leveraging smarter testing, increasing productivity year over year, and deploying best practices for demand and workforce management.


By adopting best practices and industrialized testing approach, we help standardize testing process across projects. Our robust metrics-based governance model and customizable dashboards help gain complete visibility into productivity, and provide useful insights into alignment of testing to business needs. Streamlined progress reports and rigorous defect management mechanisms help foster an environment of continuous quality improvement and innovation across the board.

By deploying a tactical and strategic delivery model, we help you transform your quality assurance processes. Our testing transformation approach streamlines costs, and enhances productivity by identifying leading edge solutions from niche players best suited for your business environment. We help in implementing a ‘Shift Left’ approach, which helps you move beyond testing benefits, and achieve significant, tangible year-on-year business benefits.

Partner with us: Accelerate testing transformation

Our transformational services combine dedicated testing expertise, and proven testing processes and assets that go beyond traditional testing to bring in testing transformation. With quality assurance activities embedded at every step of the way, we ensure continuous process improvement that leads to process maturity, and help save on your year-on-year testing investment.

Our well-conceived transformation approach fosters a culture of innovation and growth, and helps you take advantage of:

  • Extensive domain expertise and dedicated testing capabilities that span across multiple domain and industries.
  • Centralized management and tracking platform for all SDLC activities that provides all stakeholders complete access to measureable outcomes for effective project management.
  • End-to-end testing transformation solution entails test management, and functional and performance testing to ensure testing is optimized and aligned with business requirements. This ensures delivery excellence, and helps maximize your ROI.

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