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MagnaQ Transformation Suite

MagnaQ (MQ) transformation suite optimizes every phase of the testing life cycle

Our transformation suite is deployed across various quality and testing phases, and utilizes the following enablers and best practices for continuous improvements and efficiency gains.

MagnaQ (MQ) Transformation Suite

MQ – Process Standardization

Leveraging Lean and Six Sigma techniques, we optimize the end-to-end processes, and eliminate unwanted activities in the work packets. MQ-Process Standardization enabler is used to effectively address demand management, resource optimization, and process and tools optimization.


MQ – Test Requirements Analyzer

We evaluate, identify and document test requirements and specifications using industry-standard commercial test case management tools and in-house developed tools and frameworks. Our MQ-Test Requirements Analyzer helps determine functional requirements and non-functional structural requirements, and testing priorities accurately. This helps in clearly defining the scope of validation and verification of software application, and lowering the risk of failure.


MQ – Test Strategy Optimizer

We customize the test strategy to cater to the unique business requirements of the client. Based on the testing priorities, we establish the overall context of the process that defines the test objective, automation strategy and tools, test environment, and risk analysis with a contingency plan.

The test strategy document includes test methodologies, test types, test definitions, entry/exit criteria, test environments, defect handling procedures, execution best practices, automation strategy, test repositories (for test plans, cases, and automation scripts), and defect tooling.

The test strategy is produced during the analyze phase, and delivered after the business requirements are reviewed and approved by the business.


MQ – Total Test Coverage Optimizer

It is not uncommon to hear project team say that they need thousands of test cases to test an application. MQ-Total Test Coverage optimizer addresses this concern by letting you have more coverage with minimal test cases. TechArcis solutions and tools generate optimized tests that efficiently eliminate gaps in testing coverage.


MQ – Test Case Optimizer

Given the complexity in software architecture, developing comprehensive set of test cases for end-to-end coverage is complex and time consuming. Our MQ-Test Case Optimizer combines several best-in-class tools to optimize test cases as per quality parameters. This helps reduce manual effort and associated costs, and accelerate testing activities, while ensuring maximum coverage. The result is shorter product development cycles.


MQ – Code Analysis

Applications and their code base are becoming increasingly complex. One of the TechArcis best practices is to deploy code analysis tools, and check the code quality of the application, prior to testing. This helps us plan and design a better strategy to tackle a poorly written code. Our accelerator, MQ-Code Analysis checks code quality and helps establish the rigor in testing required to prevent errors from getting into the production system.

MQ-Code Analysis is geared towards measuring the software quality of complex systems that are built by multiple teams and various developers, and comprises numerous components. Another key aspect we address is to assess and understand the defects caused by interactions between components of the complex systems. Source code is analyzed by categorizing each business function into a measurable unit.


MQ – Defect Analytics and Reduction

The TechArcis goal is to identify and understand the root cause of defects, and find a fix that eliminates defects. While the traditional approach is defect management, our approach is defect reduction and elimination.

MQ-Defect Analysis and Reduction accelerator focuses on real time analysis of all defects, which are classified and analyzed to understand the defects encountered in the past. Based on these, checkpoints and actions are specified to prevent the occurrence of similar defects in future.

The key focus of our accelerator is identifying real defect location, defect triggers, and barrier analysis. We suggest measures for earlier defect detection, and help adopt best practices for preventing defects.


MQ – Test Virtualization

MQ-Test Virtualization enables ‘shift left’ by allowing teams to test earlier in the software development life cycle (SDLC), and providing an ability to do parallel work for all stakeholders in the SDLC. The development, testing and infrastructure teams can collaborate for a faster delivery, and higher quality output. Test virtualization simulates constrained or unavailable systems across the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

TechArcis solution makes it easier, and accelerates the delivery of complex test environments that enables teams to perform integration testing earlier and frequently in the SDLC cycle. MQ -Test Virtualization improves customer’s software development practices, and delivers the following benefits:

  • Enable full life cycle testing and ‘shift left’ of the testing activity
  • Improve development and test velocity, and increase software quality
  • Analyze functional and non-functional behavior of applications
  • Share test environments across various teams, and enable parallel development
  • Employ traceability, and make it easy to collaborate across various development and testing teams


MagnaQ (MQ) Quality Dashboards

TechArcis strives to establish a quality culture across the organization, and empower CIOs, directors and testers alike to get meaningful insights into testing, and various metrics available in the test management systems. MQ-Quality Dashboards focus on business priorities, and provide a metrics and management framework for teams to take timely actions, and position testing as an integral function in the organization. CIO and other decision makers need right data and risk assessment to understand the value testing organization provides, and the role it plays in upholding the organization’s quality goals. The dashboard also provides insightful information on application and product quality.

Our intuitive dashboards, powerful metrics and real-time insights into test activities help track, verify and manage the status of testing activities, and provide complete transparency into the progress of the project. Drawing on cutting edge test management tools, we provide access to personalized and customizable reports. These help you track performance on a day-to-day basis, to help you optimize productivity as per priorities and business criticality.


Partner with us: Test smarter and faster

  • Reduce the complexity and risk involved in planning, developing and executing testing processes, to help build robust applications
  • Leverage best-in-breed tools to conduct thorough application portfolio analysis to fix bugs at the development stages, and ensure resilient, secure and quality throughput
  • Draw upon our robust delivery model to enhance transparency into the state of readiness of the application, facilitate better collaboration between teams, and streamline testing efforts

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