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Transformation Methodology

Delivering year on year savings on testing requirements

TechArcis delivery model is designed for optimal coverage across business applications and technologies. We believe testing can provide a higher level of optimization by replacing the inherent ‘find and repair’ approach to business assurance with continuous quality improvement functions.

To ensure successful test optimization and implementation of ‘shift left’ principles, we have taken a holistic approach to designing our methodology around the concepts of – standardize, optimize, improvise and automate. Our robust methodology combines multiple processes, tools and process aids that help accelerate the transformation from current to the targeted state, by focusing on enhancing efficiency and reducing cost:



  • Analyze the current testing environment, organizational structure and operating model, identify gaps and business requirements, and plot a strategic roadmap for transformation
  • Standardize all the phases of project lifecycle by establishing enterprise-wide best practices and test processes
  • Employ industry standard testing tools to assess testing maturity and optimize test processes
  • Set up governance and control mechanisms to ensure greater transparency in defect and test management activities


  • Leverage best-in-breed tools and accelerators to reduce the frequency of regression testing, and enhance test efficiency
  • Identify and fix bugs during each phase of development cycle, and conduct root cause analysis to reduce defects rate in future
  • Deploy and leverage TechArcis transformation solution suite, and optimize every phase of the testing life cycle
  • Harness Hexawise tools to optimize test cases, fix gaps in test coverage, and significantly reduce redundancy. This helps maximize coverage with fewer, effective test cases
  • Utilize best suited open source tools to facilitate test automation and configuration management of data. These highly flexible tools provide a rich set of testing functions, and help effectively compare actual application behavior against expected test results, to reduce human effort, time, cost and errors


  • Establish Quality Centre of Excellence (QCoE) to continuously monitor and improve testing efficiency
  • Deploy robust test metrics and intuitive dashboards to provide better visibility into testing activities, productivity and defect ratio, and facilitate advanced governance process and project management
  • Leverage TechArcis demand and resource optimization best practices to enhance productivity
  • Use LEAN and Six Sigma to increase efficiency


  • Help enterprise-wide adoption of automation testing to achieve and sustain enhanced quality assurance capabilities
  • Deploy best practices and frameworks for tool independent automation
  • Leverage MagnaQ (MQ) Automation Suite and Automation Optimizer for automating the automation

Partner with us: Realize 30-40% reduction in costs

Our transformational method offers significant benefits for businesses:

  • Enhance testing efficiency: Apply LEAN and Six Sigma framework and techniques for robust process improvement and management. Embed a quality assurance mechanism within each testing phase and standardize and optimize processes across the service.
  • Reduce year-on-year costs for testing: Facilitate strategic initiatives, while reducing operational cost, and optimizing resources and revenue streams with every passing year of engagement.

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